About Opera New Jersy

Opera New Jersey provides innovative education programs to all age groups. Through an innovative three-part youth education series, Discover Opera Stages, students are introduced to opera in assemblies and classrooms. “Opera Moves,” an assembly program that introduces students to the art form through music games, “Interact with Classics,” which brings adaptations of classic operas and feature professional singers as well as student performers, and “Opera Creation,” a residency that provides instruction in libretto writing, composing, and acting, culminating in the creation of an original classroom opera. In 2012, Opera New Jersey began new partnerships with children’s museums and organizations, such as the Garden State Children’s Museum and the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton, to serve a broader population of New Jersey youth.

Opera New Jersey provides concerts, guest lectures, masterclasses, pre-curtain talks, and community discussions in areas throughout the state. Outreach concerts include opera arias, art song recitals, and musical theater repertoire, and engage the talents of principals singers and emerging artists. Speakers for discussions and events include stage directors, conductors, principal singers, and Opera New Jersey staff.